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Radtec RDR Systems
TITAN Software

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    Radtec Integrated Front End And Signal Processor Hardware

The exclusive Radtec Integrated Front End combines:
  - A high quality low noise amplifier (LNA)
  - Mixer
  - Associated receiver components

RF noise, the single most important factor in providing receiver sensitivity, is reduced to the lowest practical level in this design- at an affordable price.

The Radtec signal processor provides high quality, basic Doppler signal processing capabilities at an affordable price.
                 TITAN Software
  • Radar based thunderstorm identification and tracking
  • Developed by NCAR
  • Supported by RDR Series radar configuration
  • Runs on PC type computer with LINUX
  • Real-time operation
  • Easy to use “point and click” graphical user interface
  • Uses storm history plus current data to forecast storm movement

TITAN is available from the NCAR (National Center for Atmospheric Research) RAP (Research Applications Program) office. TITAN is currently available at nominal cost for educational, research and non-profit/non-commercial usage.


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