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   Upper Left:
   TDR 43-250

   Lower Left:
   Mobile RDR-250GC

   Dual Polarity

Radtec’s RDR series weather radar systems are based on coaxial magnetron and Insulated Gate Bipolar Transistor (IGBT) technology. TDR series radars are fully coherent systems built around either Traveling Wave Tube (TWT) or Klystron transmitter tubes, and DC Switch modulator technology.

Radtec mobile weather systems are based on RDR or TDR technology. These systems provide highly portable weather radar capability with data quality comparable to the best permanently installed systems.

Radtec radars are based on a set of compatible hardware modules, designed and manufactured by Radtec. These modules can be assembled in a variety of configurations to meet virtually any weather radar requirement. As a result, Radtec can produce a radar system to meet unique requirements, often with minimal additional cost.

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