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Radtec TDR and RDR systems support the full line of
ENIGMA series hardware and FROG/MURAN/COLIBRI software products.

For more complete information on these products and their capabilities, click on www.gamic.com

       The ENIGMA Signal Processor Hardware

ENIGMA III is a combined digital IF receiver, transmitter controller and signal processor which replaces virtually all analog IF receiver components found in a traditional Doppler radar.

ENIGMA III SDP extends the well proven concept of ENIGMA digital IF receiver for Doppler radars by additional advanced processing for Magnetron, Klystron, TWT and Solid-State radars.

ENIGMA III is based on the most modern digital processing technology and the industry standard PC – LINUX platform.
The FROG - MURAN real time data processing suite
  • FROG RDC - RT: Real time data display and radar control/BITE at radar site
  • FROG RADAR CONTROL: Remote radar control/BITE of any radar in the network from any workstation
  • FROG PROGEN: More than 40 product generation algorithms, product generation at radar or remote site
  • FROG VIS - COLIBRI II: User friendly presentation of products including interactive tools like VXSECT (interactive cross section) showing data from any radar in the network
  • MOSAIC: Radar composite resulting from all networked radars available -homogeneous or heterogeneous radar types.
  • Meteorological satellite and ATC flight data compositing/merging.
  • Other meteorological sensor fusion: Rain gauges, distrometer, cloud radars, sodar, lidar…

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